Meet ‘Petit Artist’ Jack Purple,
and his group of creative, fun-loving friends!


JackPurpleJack Purple

Name Meaning:  God is gracious

Eight-year-old Jack is a kind-hearted child. As the oldest in the group, he acts as a mentor for the other children, guiding them through the trials of childhood from maths problems to bullying and ‘playground politics’. Serious and creative, he’s the original Petit Artist, though he also has a passion for outdoor sports, sailing and adventures. You’ll often see him out on his bike and this year he is even learning how to rock climb!

AlfieAlfie Green

Name Meaning:  Elf Council

Five-year-old Alfie is a dapper little chap, usually dressed in his best waistcoat and tie. Unlike most children, no matter what he gets up to, he never seems to get dirty!  Alfie is very polite and well-spoken and loves nothing more than reading with his Mummy and Daddy.

Ching Lan Red

Ching Lan Red

Name Meaning:  Beautiful Orchid

Ching Lan Red is six years old. A sensitive, feminine child, she loves to paint and draw and learn new topics at school. She is always polite and well-mannered, and keeps her desk extremely tidy!

Max YellowMax Yellow

Name Meaning:  The Greatest

Max is six. His favourite activities are playing with cars and Lego and when he’s not at school, he loves to build things with his Daddy. Like the others, he has a passion for painting…although he makes a lot of mess!

Susie PinkSusie Pink

Name Meaning:  Lily

Five-year-old Susie is a girly girl at heart. Her favourite colour is, of course, pink and she loves to play with her Mummy’s clothes and make-up. With her bright green eyes and blonde hair, she is quite the little princess…though she is not afraid to act up when she doesn’t get her own way!

AnnieAnnie Orange

Name Meaning:  God has favoured me

Tomboy Annie is seven years old. With her fiery hair, bright green eyes and cheeky dimples she is a passionate child,  always giving 110% to every task she undertakes…though things don’t always go to plan! Try as she might to stay clean and tidy, unlike Alfie Green she is nearly always covered with smudges of dirt and is usually found in jeans and trainers. She is fiercely protective of the younger children.

Billy N Mabel FinalBilly and Mabel Blue

Billy Name Meaning:  Will, desire

Mabel Name Meaning:  Loveable

Four-year-old twins Billy and Mabel are a loveable, cheeky pair – as the nursery rhyme states, ‘when they were good they were very, very good, but when they were bad they were horrid.’  Luckily for them, their wide, innocent eyes can win over even the sternest of adults, no matter how mischievous they get! Fun-loving and playful, they enjoy any kind of game, especially hide and seek. They love to paint with their hands and fingers, feet…even each other!  These two young children are very close and supportive of each other.



Please note: These characters are purely fictional and do not represent any person past or present.  If there are any similarities whatsoever with people past or present, then this is purely coincidental.