Further Information

How do parents order?

Parents are sent a sample card showing their child’s artwork and an order form envelope. If they wish to purchase items, the parents return their completed form and payment to the school/organisation, who then passes these on to us for processing.

To-do list for schools/organisations

✔  Appoint a designated co-ordinator at the school/organisation.  They will need to register the project with us, be responsible for completing paperwork and returning artwork to us in good time.  They will be the point of contact between Le Petit Artist and the organisation.

✔  Integrate the art project into the school’s curriculum or include in an out of school activity.

✔  Once parental permission has been obtained, take a photograph and on saving the image, label each of the photographs with the child’s full name.

✔  Please ensure that the children’s names are spelt correctly and that they are clearly written on their relevant artwork.

✔  If a proof is returned to us with an incorrect spelling, we will correct this free of charge, however, please note, a second proof will not be sent.

Why run a Le Petit Artist project at your school or organisation?

We offer a generous commission to participating organisations – the more items that are purchased, the more your school or organisation can earn!

Earn commission to help buy items of equipment needed that is not covered by regular funding.

Producing artwork is fun and creative. We all know how delighted children are to see their artwork in print and they are even more delighted to see others reactions when given gifts and cards proudly bearing their work.

Affordable, quality products, using eco-friendly materials where possible.

We offer a free sample card for every participating child to take home to their parents, helping them to choose whether or not to purchase cards or other media items.

There is no obligation to buy.

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