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A fantastic opportunity – creative activities for young people and an income for your school or organisation

Here’s how it works….

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1.¬†Register your school or organisation with us. We’ll send you a free welcome pack, containing templates and ideas for you to use with your students, as well as examples of some of our finished products. You’ll also receive our ‘How To’ leaflet with instructions and tips for running your project and a registration form for each class.

2. You run a fun creative session with the children. Read our top tips for successful projects here.

3. (Optional) Take photographs of each child participating in the project – these are used if cards are to be produced.

4. Complete and return our class registration form, along with the finished artwork and photos (if using).


5. Le Petit Artist will professionally process the artwork and send you individual sample cards and order forms which are passed on to each child’s parents.¬†Please note, there is no obligation to buy.

6. Parents are then able to place their orders via the school or organisation, which you then send on to us. Late orders can be placed via the website.

7. We’ll process the orders, create the artwork products and send these to you, along with a generous commission!

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